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Awesome fast paced full 3D driving survival game – avoid obstacles, collect powerups and race to the finish line!

Gameplay: Tilt your phone left and right to direct your vehicle down the track.  But watch out because the surface keeps morphing between a twisting tunnel, a curved open space and a bendy cylinder.  As well as staying on the track, you need to avoid the obstacles which are scattered across the pitch.  For the pros out there, there are a variety of hazards which really keep you on your toes and ensure you have razor sharp reactions.

There are two different game modes: Stages and Survival.  In the Stages mode, you fly down specific routes which have preset obstacles setup.  This splits up the game, and lets you do short runs to the finish lines – that way there’s game progression which you can follow.  The Survival mode is a challenge to see how far you can get along a random course without dying.

Amazing Improvements: I fell in love with Speedx 3D the first time I saw the game – it has a wow factor.  When I played it about half a year ago I was mesmerised by its great graphics.  Back then, it was slightly more old school and let you figure out what the all the powerups meant.  But now, not only have they added powerups, but they’ve added upgrades to boost your ability and reward your skill.  Very importantly though, they’ve added some explanation slides which guide you through all the aspects of the game.

The game memory footprint is a low 1.2MB, and the free version has most of the features.  Soon there’ll be a challenge section, and there’s already Openfeint integration.

Verdict: 5/5 Without a doubt, you must play this on your phone.  This is the kind of game which shows off the true ability of Android phones.  It has awesome graphics, great responsiveness and good sound effects.  You can even link your phone up to this thing called a Zeemote to play!  I used to play this game when it was only the survival mode… so to see this leap in functionality is truly gobsmacking.  The game polishing is truly remarkable, and you need to see it to believe it.

Speedx 3D Promo Video
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Developers: HyperBee Ltd

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