Android Games Review: Robo 3: Gears of Love (Herocraft)

Interesting puzzle game where you push moveable lasers and bombs around a grid to blow your way home.

Gameplay: You move a robot around a 2D grid like map and your aim is to guide him to the exit.  There are lasers and stones blocking your path, and you push the pieces around to open a passage to the goal.  The stone pieces bring a puzzle element like “Box It! 2” because your robot only has the strength to push one block.  The moveable lasers are quite an interesting twist because they can impede you or help you.  You can push them out of the way; or setup mirrors to reflect their beam onto themselves; or you can direct their beams onto bombs which can help to blow open a route for you.  So in short, this is like a larger scale “Box It! 2” game with components that make the game more versatile.

The full version of the game has 30 levels, and the Lite version has 5 levels.  Each stage has a silver or gold award if you can complete it within a certain timeframe.  There’s also a variety of achievements for you to try and collect.  There is some waffley background story about the robot needing to collect chips and components to make his child – but it’s all a bit too much to read, and I couldn’t care less.

Nice aspects: The game has a very clear tutorial which guides you through the gameplay and the different moveable objects.  Personally, I think the quirky music is quite nice, and it just about fits the overall graphics theming of the game.

Verdict: 3/5 A nice little puzzle game – if you liked “Box It! 2”, then give this a try because there are some interesting differences.  I’d say the puzzle element isn’t quite as difficult as “Box It! 2” but it still makes you think, and I’m sure the late stages would be quite tough.

I feel that this game deserves merit, but the controls are pretty poor.  Whilst I was play testing to try and get the gold cups, I just found that the delay between my touches, and the robot moving were noticeably irritating.  It was especially annoying because some gold cups required you to have perfect non-stop movement!  But, this is an interesting game worth trying nonetheless.

Robo 3 QR Code (Click on the image or scan it with your phone to goto get the game on the Android Market)

Developers: Herocraft

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