Android Games Review: Flood (Kasur)

Simple territory puzzle game on a grid of randomised colours where you flood the screen within a maximum number of steps.

Gameplay: There’s a grid of pastel colour blocks and the aim of the game is to flood the board with a single colour.  You start from the top left corner and select coloured buttons at the bottom of the screen.  Each time you select a colour, the blocks of that colour which are directly adjacent to your territory will become yours.

This gameplay style is very similar to Color Invasion, but it’s more puzzle-like because there’s a maximum number of actions you can take.  You can only progress to the next level, if you pass the current one.

Plus points: The puzzle element of this game is good – it really gets you thinking about methods and strategies.  In fact, it’s probably very good for training people to think ahead.  So in this respect it’s probably a great game for training one’s thinking.

Graphics-wise, the pastel colours in this game are pretty.   I quite like the simplicity of the game, and it’s easy on the eyes.  Although there are possibly some ambigious buttons and numbers, it’s very easy to figure them out.



Verdict: 1/5 If you like puzzle games then this is one to try because it does get you thinking and in fact you might feel that it’s a 2 star game.  I personally think it’s better that Color Invasion, because there’s slightly more depth in gameplay.  However on a more general scale this 1 star rating has been given because I think Flood might be dull to most people.

The drawbacks are similar to Color Invasion: where’s the music, sound, game tricks, animations, particle effects etc? These things do add to a game and change the whole experience, but it seems as though the developer is a puzzle game purist.  These guys should combine their game with Color Invasion…

I’ve just done a quick search and it seems like there are many games of this type on the market – hopefully I’ll find the best of the lot sometime.

Tips: If you ever get stuck on a level, you can try the following logic:

  1. Aim to select the blocks which extend your exposed territory the most
  2. Try selecting each of the colours once before reusing a colour.  This doesn’t always work but I’ve found that this can improve the success rate when tip 1 fails.

Flood QR Code (Click on the image or scan it with your phone to goto the Android Market):

Developers: Kasur

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