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Tricky puzzle game which tests your logic ability in 50 abstract levels.

Gameplay: There are Aztec-looking grey blocks scattered over a small bomberman-like map.  You control a miner who goes around pushing these hunks of stone onto special pads.  Once the block is on a pad then it’ll turn gold and you’ll pass the level once all the stones are in the right place.

This is an interesting little puzzle game which reminds me a lot of Chips Challenge.  It’s definitely for people who enjoy thinking and dealing with challenges.  If you don’t have the patience to solve abstract problems then this game probably isn’t for you.

From my description so far, this game probably doesn’t sound like much.  But as you play you’ll realise that there are some things that you can and can’t do (… this is the puzzle element).  For example, you can only push blocks, you can’t pull them, so if the block is directly next to a wall then you can only push it along the length of the wall.  Also, you only have the strength to push one block at a time, so you can easily fail the round if you make a wrong move and put two blocks together.  Don’t worry about making a wrong move though because you can easily restart the round or you can step back a few turns.

The good parts: As with many puzzles, they’re only good if they’re a certain difficulty.  This game definitely has that harsh edge to it, and it’s introduced into the game fairly early on.  To put this into perspective, I got so annoyed at one level thought it was impossible so I put the game down.  Then after a good sleep I came back to try the level and I passed it with satisfaction.  Now that I’ve played a fair number of levels I’d say that they have purposely mixed up the stages so you get some easy rounds inbetween the hard nuts.

Verdict:  3/5 A must have if you like puzzle games.  In fact, if this is your kind of thing you’ll probably be hooked for a period of time.  Even if you have an inkling of curiosity in this game then go and give it a try – there’s a free version after all.

I haven’t given it a higher star rating because it’s lacking in a few areas:  the music grows tiresome very quickly; the response between the action and the button presses are bizarrely slow; there’s no sound effects;  you have to keep the internet or wifi on; and you get an ad in your face after every round.  If you’re really hardcore, then there’s a three-star system which you can get if you complete the rounds within a certain number of moves… but personally I think the game is hard enough without having to worry about this movement business.  The worst thing is probably that there’s no hints or tips… so if you’re stuck, that’s it – you can’t pass the level.

Game tips: Ignore the star system and ignore the points penalty for restarting a round – focus on the puzzle first.  Look at each block in turn and think about where they can move and where they may get stuck.  By identifying the blocks’ dead zones then you can figure out how you can move them.  After you have the movement areas, then expect the worse – i.e. you will probably have to walk multiple large circles in order to push a block around… the short and fast route probably won’t cut it.  If you’re really stuck then look at the star system thing: at the beginning of each round it’ll tell you the number of steps an expert, good or average player will complete a round.  Use this figure to guage if you’re on the right lines for how you’re thinking of solving a round.

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Developers: Digiment Games

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