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Nice simple 2-D platform game to kill some time and keep your reaction speed high.

Gameplay: You control a ninja who runs along the ground or the ceiling.  Tapping on the screen will make him jump from the floor to the ceiling or vice-versa.  You need to time your jumps to ensure you don’t fall off the top or bottom of the screen.  There are flying shurikans which will cut you up if you get stuck or delayed – this is to ensure that you have the urge to keep moving forwards.  Don’t worry about dying though because there’s infinite lives.  There’s also some accelerator blocks which will change your ninja’s running speed – thus requiring you to react faster.

Yoo Ninja has two different play styles – “Story” and “Endless” Mode.  Story mode has some decent preset courses to navigate.  The majority are quite doable, but there’s the handful of challenging courses which keep your competitive spirit up.  Endless mode seems like a randomised course where you try and get the highest distance travelled possible.

Nice Ninjitsu: I like this additive little game.  It’s sweet and simple.  There’s a small puzzle element introduced part way through the game because you can’t always travel along any path you like, and you need to jump in a specific way.  This thinking aspect gives the game a bit more depth and deeper gameplay.  Overall, the speed and responsiveness on my HTC Desire is good, so it works well for training my reaction speed.

Verdict: 3/5 I’m feeling a bit stingy today.  I think the game art is cute, and the music matches it nicely.  For a free game, which can offer about 2 hours gameplay, I’m tempted to give 4 stars.  However, the game is missing a record of the highest score.  Also perhaps there could be a little bit more complexity introduced into the game.  The core game fundamentals are definitely there though.

Final Tips: Remember to switch off your wi-fi or internet access (if possible) because the ads really distract the game.

Youtube video of the gameplay in Yoo Ninja

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Developers: Runner Games HK

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