Android Games Review: Ninja Dash (Droid Studio)

If you liked Doodle Jump, Mega Jump and Abduction, then you might want to check out this game.

Game Play: You control a ninja, and you need to navigate your way down an imaginary never-ending channel.  It’s all about falling down, and landing on a platform.  The screen will move at a particular rate, and there’s deadly bamboos latched to the ceiling.  In other words, keep falling down to survive, and try and travel as far as possible.  But you can’t fall down too fast, because if you fall below the bottom of the screen and you don’t land on a platform then the game ends.

Variety is introduced through the different types of platforms exist: stone ledges, wooden ledges which degrade, treadmills, bamboo spike ledges… these put some variety into the game.  To further spice things up there’s a handful of different powerups to help you survive the different platforms, and travel further.  A fairly key difference from the usual jumping games is that the sides of the screen are walls, so you can’t traverse from one side of the screen to the other.

Control of the ninja is through tilting the phone left and right – much like Doodle Jump.  (though Doodle Jump feels more responsive).

Good points: The game icon is cool, and the theming is easy on the eyes.  The ninja is quite cute.

Verdict: 2/5 As I said at the beginning – if you liked Doodle Jump, Mega Jump and Abduction, then try this game – you might like it.

I don’t want to put too much of a downer on this one, but for me it’s somewhat lacking in the fundamental logic.  If you’re falling down, then why should you be penalised for falling down beyond the bottom of the screen?  Or… you’re falling and yet not trying to fall too fast…?? I understand there should be some game limits, but this point didn’t make much sense for me.  Although I stopped playing after 5 mins, I can see the effort that’s gone into the game.  It is one to watch, and perhaps after a few revisions we’ll see a more refined game that would appease people like me.

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Developers: Droid Studio

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