Android Games Review: Moonlight Walks (Bishoujo)

Romantic interactive story about an encounter with a mysterious girl on a moonlit beach. Gameplay: You take the role of a guy who’s spending his summer at his relative’s place on an island.  You’re an avid photographer who enjoys midnight landscape shots – especially those at the beach.  One lonely night when you’re out taking snaps, you see a random girl… and from there you make the decisions about what to do and say. That’s the condensed version of the story, but actually there’s a sweet and well written script in this game.  Just to clarify how it works: the screen is filled with an image to help set the scene, and then there’s text overlayed on top.  Tap the screen, and the next paragraph of text will come up.  At specific points, there will be choices of what to do or say.  Your choices will determine which set of dialogue or story to unravel. Romantic elements: I like the meld of graphics, sound and dialogue in this game.  I think they really come together to give quite a beautiful story which one can enjoy.  I’m particularly impressed at the illustrations, and I think the facial expressions of the girl in the game help to bring her to life.  I think the real key here is the story though – it’s well thought out, and the permutations are worth reading. Verdict: 3/5 I liked the core of this game, and I felt the romantic story telling was quite innovative.  I’m being quite generous and one of the stars is literally for bringing this gameplay style to Android… I believe there are many Japanese story games of this genre out there… but hey I can’t read Japanese, and they’re “special” in a rather male way.  I should state very clearly that I am only suggesting people download to try out the whole game for about 30 mins (that’s more than enough time). There are some rather big negatives.  1) There are only about 6 decision branches, making this game really short.  2) When running from the SD card, the memory footprint is about 3MB.  Once you’ve completed the game and unlocked the gallery art, then the game takes up a further 6MB data.  Therefore the whole game will be 9MB, which I think I can safely say you won’t be keeping for too long.

Video review by LastSteelGod – he’s quite disappointed with the game

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Developers: Bishoujo

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