Android Games Review: iRunner (DroidHen)

Fast paced platform game to test your reactions.  Enjoy beautiful graphics and a nicely composed soundtrack.

Gameplay: You control a little person called Mr i.  He’s a pretty cool yellow guy who looks like he has a candle for a head … his hair looks like a lighted wick on the top.  I could be wrong… perhaps he’s meant to have a battery on his shoulders or something.

Anyway, so the aim of the game is to get to the end of the level.  Your little person will keep running non-stop, and you use the two buttons (jump and slide) to control him.  You guide him up and down to collect batteries and gift boxes.  Once you have 4 different gift boxes you’ll get some funky graphics, and you’ll morph into Batman.  In this state you’ll accumulate double points for the items you collect.  It’s not just running and collecting though – you’ll need to avoid the pitfalls and slip under obstructions to maintain your bonus.  The longer you survive, the faster the game speed will increase making it harder for you to time your jumps and slides.

Funky action: I liked the combination of simple gameplay with good graphics, cool music and nice achievements.  I’m quite the sucker for achievements because it makes me keep playing the game until I get the little trophy.  The double jumping makes the game last longer because there’s more skill required.  In case you’re wondering how long you can play for: there’s a non-stop challenge section where you can keep playing forever and ever.


Verdict: 4/5 The finish on this game is good… it’s so well done that you can still smell the brasso polish on it.  Overall, you get a decent hour or two of gameplay, and the achievements increase the amount you play.  It’s fast to start and stop so it’s perfect for those short journeys to and from work.  I look forward to a sequel.

I must say that when I say good polish here, I’m referring more to the graphics rich components, music and sound effects.  I had to dock one star from the score because of the interface.  Quite often I found that the jump and slide buttons weren’t responsive – a bit of an issue for a speed reaction game (it was seriously annoying).  I think the source of the problem is hardware related… but if the problem exists… then it’s something the designers should try and work around.  Also, I’m a bit of an old school gamer, so as much as I like the challenge of new button setups – I would love to put jump on the right hand side, and slide on the left hand side of the screen.

Final Tips: Make sure you have a fair amount of battery before playing – I seemed to run out of lots of battery quite quickly whilst playing this game.  … yeah I was slightly addicted to it.

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Developers: DroidHen

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