Android Games Review: Color Invasion (App In Motion)

Simple territory strategy game on a grid with six randomised colours.  It has the elements of Go on a larger scale and with colour territories.

Gameplay: There are 6 different colours randomly scattered on a 25 by 25 grid.  Your objective is to conquer as much area as possible.  The top left hand corner piece is your starting piece, and from there you select a colour to possess.  The colours you can acquire are directly adjacent to your current territory.  When you form an arc which starts and ends on a board edge piece, then all the pieces surrounded by your arc will become your territory.  Your AI opponent starts in the opposite corner and will try it’s best to overtake more land than you.

Perhaps, the instructions above sound a bit complicated, but actually when you just dive into the game it’s very easy to understand.  The theory to win is fairly simple: you basically want to try and form a route to the right hand side or bottom edge which goes via the centre of the board.  The larger the single colour blocks you use, the faster you will navigate across the playing field.

There’s 4 different game modes: Easy, Normal and Hard AI, as well as a Duel mode which lets you play 2-play on the same phone.

Highlights: Color Invasion gets you thinking, and makes you plan a few steps ahead to get the most effective moves.  It’s easy to pick up and play, and provides fair mental stimulation in a short period of time.

Verdict: 1/5 Color Invasion is a simple board game.  It’s for the very no thrills gamer who wants to play an alternative to Chess or Othello/Reversi.  It has no music, no sound, no animated effects, no particle effects, no powerups, no game tricks.  Although the interface is decent and usable… personally, I think the game theming is just too simple.  I played all three levels and won after about 10 minutes of gameplay.  However, if you’re a board game purist, you’ll love Color Invasion

There’s a scoreboard where you can share your top results, but that’s not going to keep me coming back.

Tips: You need to let your eyes look through the board so your brain can pick up the contiguous colour areas.  This means that the ads popping up are really annoying – make sure you switch off your internet or wifi.

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Developer: App In Motion

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