Total Defense

Total Defense: Yet another 3D tower defense game…

In the fully saturated tower defense market can an enriched 3D game breathe new life into this genre?  Read on to find out more…

Gameplay: The core of the game is ultimately the same – there’s a preset map with strongly defined valleys for enemies to travel along and you need to dump towers down and protect the fort.  The specialties of this game are that your towers are limited to the range of your power network and in order to reach further you need to build power cores.  Then there are the classic shooter turrets, missile packs and slow towers.  To be honest, nothing appears out of the ordinary… what is odd is that it’s close to impossible to figure out the effects of these towers.

Meh: … Yup… that’s right folks… this game is really bad.  Now I don’t say this out of any biased spite.  I’ve tried to play this game several times, but I just can’t get my head around it.  It’s actually too hard to win!  You cannot dump down loads of towers and you cannot only upgrade a few towers.  There’s a very special blended balance.  But the benefits of upgrading are really unclear.

Snooozzzzee:  The load times for this game are incredible… even with a Galaxy S3, I feel like I’m waiting for an eternity.  In fact this reminds me of the days when I used to load games on the Atari… I would wait minutes for the floppy disks to be read into memory, but at least they had a progress bar!

Crash & Bang:  This game frequently stutters and has poor user interface.  In fact, it was so bad and so buggy that the developers removed it from Google Play!! You can get it on the iOS still… but I really don’t see why – its not intuitive and it’s just hideously annoying.

Rating: 0/5 Yes… we just reviewed a game that can no longer be downloaded anymore.  But oh my gosh its disgusting how developers can create outright difficult games and force people to buy in game powerups.

Total Defense Promotional Youtube Video

Developers: dasuppa