Ball X : Defeat Gravity

Ball X: Bounce around the screen and collect the crosses as fast as possible.  Check out the review below to hear about this rather distinctive and stylish game. 

Gameplay:  Use your phone’s accelerometer to carefully balance a ball across different shapes and platforms.  Tap the screen to bounce off the various ledges, but make sure you land on something otherwise the ball will fall into the black abyss.  There’s a timer at the top which tracks how much time you’ve used – this is recorded at the end of the level.

Although the gameplay sounds simple, Ball X uses some very realistic physics controls to make quite a challenging game.  After about three learning introductory levels you’re given some tough diagonal ledges to navigate.  I guess I should say at this point that the logic probably isn’t really realistic… because you can bounce off a diagonal ledge and manipulate gravity such that you fall back on the same diagonal edge again.

Quality Touches:  The stylisations here are quite eye catching.  Everything from the developer’s logo, to the live background in game is done in an artistic manner.  The fonts and text fit the whole look of the game perfectly.  It oozes with a cool trendy feel and the particles which trail the ball just add to the prettiness.  There’s no music, but the occasional sound effects do keep the life in the game.

Verdict: 2/5  A good accelerometer game with artistic flair added to it.  The game is close to a 3 star, but unfortunately I found the physics just a bit too realistic.  Personally I think the jump control timings are tough and should probably be eased up a bit to be less realistic.  Don’t forget though that the game is free – so it’s worth checking out for a bit.

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Ball X Tips from Android Game Reviews

  • On some devices the stage can be ready and tracking movements before you see movement on the screen.  So hold the device level after you’ve tapped to start to prevent the ball from rolling off.
  • If you have an oldish phone, then you may find that the visualisations jerk when you start.  If you give the game half a second before moving then you’ll find that the movements are smoother and the ball will be more controllable.
  • The accelerometer can be quite sensitive, so you’ll need to yaw your phone quite sharply to control and save the ball sometimes.
  • Email if you have any problems.  We’ve emailed them with the level we’re stuck on!

Developers: Celence