Cute and simple Bejeweled-like puzzle game where you’re trying to create as many chains as possible.

Gameplay: There’s a hexagonal grid of animal heads and you need to connect as many matching symbols as possible.  The connections are made by touching the screen and dragging across the blocks.  The minimum chain length is three and the longer the chains you create then the more points or time you get rewarded.  After you’ve made your chain then it will disappear and the blocks above it will fall down.

There’s three different game modes: Survivor, Time Attack and Endless.  Only Survivor mode is in the Lite version.  (Time Attack and Endless are only available in the full version).  In Survivor mode you accumulate time and points as you connect animals.  As the mode name suggests, you need to try and continue to create many chains to survive as long as possible.  There’s also Open Feint integration for those score chasers out there who like to complete on those leaderboards.

Safari surprise: The first view of the game is quite impressive because the images are nice, the colour stylisation is good, and the cutesy safari music matches up.  The actual gameplay is decent too because the interface is fast and responsive, and the dinky sound effects are a nice touch.  Although the tutorial explanation is a simple popup message, it’s clear and sufficient to explain the different parts of the game.

As you play, you realise that a fair amount of effort went into the controls of this game.  So you can easily backtrack your connections in order to reverse out your selected chain.  There’s also a detector which checks if you have anymore moves – if you’re stuck, then the screen gets cleaned off and fully replaced.

Verdict: 3/5
A good time waster which is easy on the brain, and perfect for those journeys back home on the bus or train.  Although only one mode is available in the free version, it’s still sufficient to have a fun time playing.  Weighing up the details in this game, I don’t think I can bring myself to buy the full version.  I’m quite happy with the Survivor mode, but I can’t quite see how the other modes are worth purchasing.  The lack of depth and twists is the reason why this isn’t a 4 star game.






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Developers website: Grassland Games