Retro style instant action game which will send you into the past for that classic gaming experience.

Gameplay: You own a pong-like paddle and move it left and right via the touchscreen.  Blocks randomly appear and fall down towards your paddle.  Your aim is to deflect the blocks and keep them up.  So in essence this is like a keepy-uppy game.   The squares which materialize will start off big, but then they shrink every time they bounce off your paddle.  Also, when they touch your paddle they will give off different tonal sounds: the large blocks have deep hums and the small ones have high pings.

Multiple blocks will eventually appear for you to juggle, and once your timer is finished then you’ll get to see a nice layout of stats (how many balls you juggled and max juggle time etc).  These all feed through to a records screen which will hold your data forever.

Retro heaven: Juggle is awesome old-school gameplay.  It really captures that Pong 1970s vibe.  In fact, the stylisation is done to perfection:  the screen has those faint CRT line effects on it.  The glow around the objects are like when you used to play the games at night with the lights off.  It even has those old flashing signs which keep blinking forever and can cause screen burn on your CRTs!  The rest of the polish is all there.  The only major change is the sound.  Instead of old midi bursts, there’s soothing sound effects with a deep echo in them to give it that snazz.

Verdict: 3/5 I’m split between 2 and 3 stars.  I think I’m going to err on positivity because I’m overwhelmed with this retro stylisation.  It’s definitely an instant action game, but it’s perhaps a tad too simple.  You need to pay to be able to get the 3 min, 5 min and endurance versions of the game.  However, I’m not convinced that the money paid is going to give me sustained entertainment value.   Another slight drawback is that the memory footprint is 1.85MB whilst installed on the SD Card.  So the size isn’t great and it’s hard to see why it’s taking up that amount of memory.

Tips: Give this game a whirl just for fun. The ads are fairly inconspicuous so no need to turn off your wifi or internet access.  Go on… for old times sake!





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Developers: Denki