Old school pixel graphics in a new Mario-like platform game.

Gameplay: You control a stumpy little man whose head kind of resembles mega man if you squint your eyes.  Move left and right, jump and double-jump on platforms to collect the gems and reach the end teleporter – classic platform gameplay.  Obviously it’s not that easy, and there’s moving enemies, laser turrets, and deadly spikes.  If this was all the components of the game, then it really would be a bit limited – however, there are secret areas and hidden gems which keep the player on their toes.

There’s about 70 levels to play through… yes… that’s right… a ridiculous number of levels.  Just if that wasn’t enough, there’s a star system for the perfectionists out there:  one star for collecting all the gems and another star for completing the level in a fast time.  If you get two stars in the level, then you can choose to play as Sarge – complete the level with him to get the third star.

Top notch parts: I love the midi music – it’s awesome and it fits the game well.  The other great thing is the unlimited continues… you might have 2 lives per level, but you can quickly reattempt your level if you die.

The level designs and enemies are quite interesting too.  Secret areas, and star systems make the replay value of this game very high.  There’s also a storyline woven into the game for those who want to read it.

Verdict: 3/5 The game has a lot of good elements in it, and my heart wants to give this 4 or maybe even 5 stars.  But unfortunately, I feel the controls and movement feel are letting the game down.

  • There were times when I used the left and right movement buttons, and my thumb wasn’t exactly in the right place, so I just stood dead in the water and got killed.
  • Sometimes, the jump button didn’t trigger… not entirely sure if this is just a hardware issue, but I’m sure there are ways around this.
  • The movement doesn’t feel right because there’s no momentum to in the character.  If I were to compare this lack of momentum to something then I would say it’s something a bit like Magic Pockets.

Overall its fairly difficult platform game so I feel like I’m dying for no reason which just frustrates me.  The sad thing is that I think the developer can program around some of the control issues.

Do give the game a try, and hopefully you won’t feel that the lack of momentum is an issue for you!

Tips: I saw a video of someone playing this game on a tablet/pad.  I think the trick is to be very light on the controllers – so if you tap and press with your fingers, then you shouldn’t have my thumb mis-press and non-registering jump button issue!

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Developers:  OrangePixel