Alien Barrier

Siphon off the blue aliens and rebound the red aliens into their own half using your barrier.

Gameplay: You control a shield which separates the screen into two.  There are blue and red aliens bouncing around and your job is to separate them.  The barrier has a gap in it, which can let the ball-like aliens pass through.  So you slide the hole up and down to let aliens pass, or you let the shield deflect them.  Once you get all of the red or blue onto one side, and you do it within the allotted time, then you win.

Enjoyable parts: The graphics theming is great – the title image, font consistency, tutorial feel and the gameplay gets you into the mood to play.  On first glances it looks like something out of a Cell Biology lesson – the whole microbial organisms layout brought a smile to my face.

Unfortunately, the overall package of the game feels a bit raw.  So although the music is cute initially, you eventually find yourself switching it off because it’s so annoying.  The membrane is inconsistent so most of the time the gap is only just large enough for the critters to float through, but sometimes, it’ll let them edge through the wall.  Everytime you lose and need to restart, you start from the first level – meaning you can’t build upon your old progress.  Oh, and just in case the game wasn’t difficult enough to get the red and blue separated, they’ve dictated which half the colours need to be in to win.

Verdict: 2/5 I must say I felt quite frustrated at playing this game.  There just wasn’t enough time to pass the levels, nor was there enough time to get used to playing the game.  If you buy the full version you get 20 seconds more on the clock.  But seriously, am I really going to pay just to get a few more seconds on the clock?  Hopefully there’s more content to provide hours of gameplay in the full version, but I’m not really convinced.

The filesize is 2.5MB when installed on the SD Card – not too bad I guess, but the data stored is 1.3 MB.  Which is bizarre because I don’t see any scoreboards anywhere.

I might have picked up on a lot of improvement areas, but this is a fresh game with good core concept.  It’s still one to watch out for in the future.  Don’t forget though –it’s well worth trying out for a free game!

Alien Barrier Qr Code

Developers:  Piko Games